Dominic Cummings dodges 30k tax bill on Durham questionable property

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Pending tax years - a minimum of £30,000 up to GBR 50,000 - will be forgotten on two houses built against the rules, although researchers have determined that Cummings will pay the consulting tax on them.

Instead of backing up the cost at the time the two properties are built, new property charges - on the outskirts of Durham - will take effect this month.

One rule for them

Durham County Councillor John Shuttleworth told the paper, "They should have been informed (to the authorities) and that should have been reviewed.

"If they were someone else, they would be charged and recoiled, or brought to justice.

"It only shows that there are two sets of rules, one for themselves and one for everyone. That's not fair.

"You have to comply with the law and we're not going to jail or you're fined. They're directly above him.

Cummings built the cottage on the farm with his father in 2002, and is considered one of the owners.

He mocked the rules of the blockade and fled London to stay with his wife and son at the end of the match, despite symptoms of the coronavirus.

A North Echo investigation in June found that the cabin was violating planning laws, but Durham County Council said no action could be taken because of the time it had spent.

No action

John Hewitt, Durham County Council Resource Manager, said: "I can confirm that the Evaluation Office agency has completed its inspection and has given us details of the necessary changes to The North Lodge's evaluation list, where the current unique rating will be replaced by three entries on the list of ratings in the future.

"These changes will take place from 4 October 2020, the date on which we were ordered to implement the amendments.

"The date from which the grade list will be changed is the agency of the valuation office.

'they shall be informed that they have made their assessment in accordance with Article 3 of the 1993 Council Regulation on Council tax (invoiced) in accordance with the relevant legislation and the practices and practices of such amendments.


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