Gas boilers

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Are you currently wondering what the best way to heat your home is? If you have moved into a new home or whatever your situation this article will help. This article focuses on Gas boilers and their installation. It also tells you whether you should get one installed in your home.


Gas boilers are the new and improved oil boilers. They are a more friendly for the environment version. Gas gets used in over 80% of the country. You are likely to already own a gas boiler. They get used to heat your homes and water. The safest way to get a gas boiler is to have it installed by professionals.



There are many different installers around the country that can fit your gas boilers in a safe way. This is a great way to keep your home and water warm. An example is Glow Green LTD Boiler Sale by Award Winning Experts Glow Green Ltd. Glow Green LTD give you a quote in seconds and are ready to install your boiler up to the next working day. Glow Green LTD will make sure they are careful when fitting your boiler. They will ensure to double check every fitting and every gas line to ensure you and your home are safe. Glow Green LTD have over 600,000 satisfied customers. They are one of the UK’s leading independent customer organizations.



With gas being one of the best heating elements for the planet, the reason most people switch to gas is the cost. The cost of having gas is much lower than other ways of heating your water and home. Gas boilers are most effective, they are 90% efficient. There are more advantages for Glow Green LTD. They are a very professional company who make sure they have the right people for the job. They make sure everyone employed gets qualified first. Glow Green LTD also makes sure the work getting done for the customer is to their satisfaction.



Installing a gas boiler is not an in and out job. The installers will have to check all the gas pipes making sure there is no gas leaks. If there was a leak it could be very dangerous. If they deem the pipes unsafe, they will have to change every single pipe which leads to the gas mains. They must also drain all the radiators and water in the house. This would mean you won’t have any water or heating until the work gets finished. It will be loud as there is drilling through walls for ventilation and pipework. So, if you’re going to have a boiler installed it is best to do it in the summer. Also keeping fresh water available through bottles or large pans filled is a very good idea. Another downside is the up-front cost of installing a new boiler can cost you tens of thousands of pounds.


How to choose the right boiler for me.

Choosing the right boiler for you can be a tricky task. If you have read about all sorts of boilers and still cannot decide, speak to a professional for their opinion. A good example of a professional you can call is British Gas as they will be able to help you. Below are the top 5 brands to make sure the boiler best suits you.

· Alpha Heating – Dependent on the size of your home an Alpha heating boiler could save you up to £305 per year on bills. Alpha boilers come in a variety of models and each model has a different length warranty. Their warranties range from 2-7 years, but they have one model which has a 10-year warranty. It is typical for an Alpha boiler to cost between £600-£900 to install but the higher end models can be more expensive.

· Ideal - Ideal boilers have a 92% efficiency rate or higher. This means that for every £1 you spend on energy, only 8p of it gets wasted. Ideal boilers come with 2– 7-year warranties which is the standard amount for most boilers. This does depend on you maintaining annual servicing of the boiler though. This type of boiler has an average price of £700-£2,500 to get your boiler installed.

· Vaillant – Vaillant have efficiency ratings of 89.3% or higher. For every £1 you spend on energy, only 10.7p gets wasted. A 2– 5-year parts and labour warranty is often included with your Vaillant boiler. There are many models that do come with a 7– 10-year warranty instead. These are if you choose to get your boiler installed by a Vaillant advance installer. These boilers would generally cost you £700-£2000 for you to get it installed. This price does depend on the size of the boiler's output and its product range.

· Worcester - A Worcester boiler could save you up to £305 on your heating bills. This is because they are all A rated for energy efficiency. This is dependent on the size of your home and your current heating system. These boilers tend to come with a standard guarantee of 2 years, but some extend to 5 years. Worcester boilers cost between £800-£2500 for you to get them installed on average. This depends on the size of boiler and model you pick as well as the engineer you choose to install it.

· Viessmann - All Viessmann boilers are A rated for energy efficiency. This means that this type of boiler could save you up to £305 on your energy bills. Your Viessmann boiler would come with a standard 5-year warranty. The cost for you to get a Viessmann boiler installed would be between £800-£2500. The price you pay is dependent on what type and size of boiler you need, and which engineer installs it for you.

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