Land For Sale With Planning Permission

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land for sale with planning permission When it comes to selling your home, everyone is after two things: a good price, and a quick turnaround. While there are many tips for getting the most out of your sale, adding planning permission might just be the best industry secret. Not only can it make a significant impact on your house price, it is a relatively cheap and painless process. Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know... Does planning permission add value? Short answer: yes. Adding planning permission to your home will typically increase its market worth. However, how much value this equates to can depend on a number of things. Such as… Your property’s location Extent of work covered in the permission Whether your permission adds an extra bedroom When your permission was obtained - it only lasts three years Type of permission obtained Homeowners in prime London locations could see as much as a 10% rise in their house price, while homes in other parts of the UK might see nothing more than an extra thousand in value. It’s difficult for the industry to know how much planning permission adds on average, as for many homeowners, the goal to planning permission might be as simple as reaching the asking price. Perhaps even to just get close. The only thing that can be said for certain, no house price has ever suffered due to added planning permission!

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