Let to Buy Mortgage

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Let to buy mortgages can also help you buy your next home and rent your old home, for example, if you want to redesign an existing main residence as a purchase to leave the property and buy a new residential property.

Essentially, it's about having two mortgages at the same time. You turn your existing mortgage into a buy-to-option mortgage so you can skip your current home, and then take a standard mortgage on the home you're buying. There are several considerations and complications with laissez-for-buying, including the cost and challenges of becoming an owner and the need to manage two mortgages.

If you need to move out - maybe for a new job - but you're having trouble selling your home, rental-buy mortgage products can provide a solution. Let-to-buy actually includes two mortgages - a residential mortgage on a property you moved into and a buy mortgage to leave at your old home so you can rent them. Here's the name: You skip your old house so you can buy your next house.

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Who might want a let to buy a mortgage?

Let-to-buy products are for anyone who cannot or cannot sell their previous home before purchasing the next one. This may be because you work somewhere else for a few years and plan to return at some point, or simply because you find it hard to sell your home fast enough. If the value of your property has fallen since purchase, it could help you avoid a loss because you can leave it out in the hope that your value will increase in the future.

Reasons to consider let to buy mortgage

There are a number of reasons why you should let in. Perhaps the most common is that you want to use the capital you have built in your home to allow you to move into a new one while keeping the existing house as a long-term investment. Let-to-buy might also be suitable for owners in the following situations: you are in a hurry to move into a new home and can't wait to sell your current property. You have had difficulty selling your home due to market conditions. You want to buy a property with a partner, but keep ownership of your current home. They move somewhere else for a few years, but plan to return home in the future.

How does Let-to-Buy work?

With a mortgage to rent, you will actually apply for two mortgages with the same lender - a buying apartment to leave for your current property and a residential product for which you want to switch to. With a rental purchase offer, the lender allows you to increase a deposit for your next property by taking additional loans regardless of your current mortgage as an obligation.

However, projected rental income must cover repayments as soon as they are mapped as a buy-to-allow property, and you still need to have enough capital on your property to meet the minimum buy-to-space value loan ratio (LTV).


If you want to remodel your home to buy, leave and move into a new home at the same time, leave some of the potential mortgage problems to buy without problems. For example, because of lenders' criteria for both types of loans, it can be difficult to organize a buy-to-rent mortgage for the property you currently live in while you're organizing a residential mortgage for your next home.

Let-to-buy can also eliminate the pressure of selling quickly and make a loss in the process. In addition, as a result of two owned properties, their income will increase if house prices rise in the future.

How to switch

The big one-on-one challenge is that you can't just rent your home and buy another without first changing your mortgage, as executing a rental-buy-to-rent property with a home mortgage will violate the terms of your home loan. Instead, you need to turn your home mortgage into a purchase agreement to leave (or get permission to go out - below). This is not always easy, as rental mortgages are usually only at interest rates and not in repayments and generally higher than in residential real estate transactions. If you want to free up the capital of your current property to use as a deposit for your new property, this may add an additional layer of complexity.

Your existing mortgage lender may allow you to switch to a leash offer, but that depends on whether your finances are revalued based on your criteria for leash buying. If you can't switch to a purchase agreement to allow with your current provider, you might try to go back to mypote to another lender, but if you're still on the fixed term of getting your mortgage on it, you might face an expensive prepaid fee. Given these complexities, some lenders offer specialized mortgages that take some of the stress out of the set.

Alternatives to let-to-buy

While buying a mortgage seems like a convenient way to move in a slow market, there are many risks and implications, so it's important to consider alternatives.

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