Open Fireplace

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Fireplaces are the most popular amenities that most buyers consider and more in looking for a new home.  These facilities offer an extra touch of architectural vitality, both indoors and outdoors.  There are many great benefits of having a fireplace in your home, seven of which are:

open fireplace: interior home

With the introduction of central heating, there has been a tendency to close chimneys and install gas or electric fires, completely moving homes from the character of a chimney.

The main advantage of a fireplace is that it acts as a center for family and friends to meet to share drinks, lifelong experiences and more. With all the unique architectural fireplace designs that exist today, the décor of your home can be greatly enhanced by your choice. This is much more than anything else to provide you with low-cost heating; Incorporate your unique tastes and display them for everyone to enjoy

Reduce your bills

Open fires are almost entirely free to run. The cost will be similar to the increase in gas and electricity costs, for which you already pay monthly bills, at a price of 30-400C per hour. Even electric lights don't say they emit a lot of extra heat, just like an elegant feature. In this day and age of central heating, it is probably worth building the radiators, to use as an electric function that does not offer much special heat or beauty. Unlike the open fire.

Bring a welcoming atmosphere

Have you ever heard anyone say that nothing is quite like electric fire or flashes of silent gas? No, it's because no one ever does it.  It's comfortable and maybe everything in our minds playing tricks, but it definitely makes the room feel so hot.

Value added for your home

Creating a burnt environment can also give your home a real digital value. If you plan to sell in the future, opening chimneys is a key feature in increasing the price of demand, with bedroom extensions and renovation. It makes the house more welcoming and helps sell your home.

Cheaper and more efficient

The properties of a wood burner allow for better control of the speed at which logs are burned, and therefore the amount of heat emitted at certain times. Closing the vents prevents both airs from feeding on the wood burner and keeps the wood longer, while opening the vents produces warmer heat for a shorter period of time.

A wood burner can be used to clean an electric or gas fire. For these proud owners, a fire hall debacle has been added to the Arsenal. This also means that there is much less risk of spitting if you don't know it and causing damage to your home. In equal quantities, you also have the full experience of real fire.

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