Property and Door Security

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Investing in door security for your property can offer seveal benefits. First, it can protect the occupants from introders. Helping to ensure that the property is secure can help protect against theft. Also, better security will help to reduce insurance. security Property security can come in different forms. In thesimplest way, you can enhance door security by changing or adding a lock. Or you might consider higher end security such as security cameras. To ensure that your door is secure, you should consider the following. A strong mortise lock with impact panels and sturdy traction protection. Installed with a reinforced screw lock. On to a solid door with lock and hinge safety features.

Different door security options.

A reinforced a door lock

You can reinforce an existing door lock. Reinforcement offers further security against breaking or picking the lock. This help to prevent forced entry. You can usually buy these reinforcement kits from normal hardware shops. They are usually quite simple to install and can. A professional can install these or a non-professional if they feel confident to. Before buying a reinforcement kit you should check it is compatible with your lock.

Door clamps and security bars

Door clamps are a common security measure. these are devices which you place on the floor in front of the door. They help to stop a door being forced open. Door clamps are usually portable and can easily be removed in an emergeny. A door bar is similar to the clamp but mounted on the door or frame. The security bar aims to service the same purpose as the clamp. It adds an extra level of security if somebody tried to force the door open.

Factors to consider when securing your doors

The size of your door

A standard front door will be between 30-36 inches wide, and approximately 80 inches tall. Each door is different and should be measured before assuming the dimensions. You should measure the thickness, width and height of the door. If you can't get the right lock for your door you can consider other doors. There could be other interior doors which could help offer security.

The type of your door

Another consideration is where to install the door security bar, door lock or clamps. Different types of protection are for different doors. Some door security protection will only work on sliding doors. Other options ill only work on articulated doors. If you are considering a clamp or jammer you should also look at the type of floor you have. Some clamps and jammers will only work on hard surfaces such as tiles but not carpet.

The materials

Safety equipment will usually have a guideline of how much power it can withstand. This will give a guidenace on whether someone can force the door by hand or would need equipment. If they need equipment would they be able to get it to the door. For example, if its an interior door would they be able to get to the door with powerful equipment? If it is an easily accessible door then it is likely you would need a device which can stand more powerful force. The popular door security bars are made out of metal. These types of bars are stronger than the requirements than for plastic doors. Even though the bar can withstand the force, the door can still be broken, so a high grade bar is unessacery. Also, make sure that the door security feature wont cause damage to the surrounding area. If the door bar is to wide or thick it may scratch the door frame. If you are considering installing at the base of the door look at whether it can damage the floor. Try to find equipment with a rubber base to help reduce the likelyhood of causing damages to the floor.


Some security equipment is intended for easy installation. So a none experienced homeowner can install the device themselves. Some of the higher quality and more secure options may require a professional. Consider whether you would need assistance with the installation.

More options

Smart lock and auto lock. The first step of protection is to ensure you lock the door when needed. You might simply, change your lock to one which automatically locks when the door is shut or out of use for a set time. You can also consider a smart lock which sends an alert when a door is opened. Use reinforced glass. If you have windows in your doors, these could be a security risk. The glass could be broken. The door might need a window for other security reasons, such as fire safety. In this case use a reinforced glass, or use a door with a narrow window which would not allow enough room for someone to enter. Protect your sliding doors. Use reinforced glass or a strong plastic (polycarbonate), instead of enamel. This will help to stop the door being broken in to. Place a stopped on the track to prevent forced entry. You can also install curtains to prevent onlookers from seeing in. Use a deadbolt. Deadbolts increase security by opening only with a swivel key. Deadbolts dont have a spring like most standard locks. They are more resistant to force. You can usually only open these types of locks from the inside without a key.

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