Tenants crawled to access their flat, Landlord fined £3000

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A landlord was fined £3040 after renting out a flat which could only be accessed by crawling. Tenants could only access their flat after crawling through a small entrance hatch.

The landlord has been find £3040. Yaakov Marom, has been ordered to pay the fine for renting the loft in a property in Hendon.

The room in the loft was accessed through a small hatch at the top of the stairs. It was impossible for the tenants to enter whilst stood upright.

Concerns were raised from Barnet Council. Environmental Health Officials said if a fire broke out the tenants could be at risk.

The total height from floor to ceiling ranged from 0.7m to 1.2m.

The council served an order probiting the landlord the man having occupants in the room. The pleaded guilty after failing to comply and was order to pay £1500 in fines, £1420 in Costs and £120 towards a victim surcharge.

The man was found to be renting out the room in September after being order to stop in February the year before.

At the very least tenants have the right to expect that the accommodation they are renting is safe.

Barnet Council is keen to work with landlords and help them to provide safe accommodation.

However, those who exploit tenants for financial gain will not be tolerated and the appropriate action will be taken.” Chairman of the Housing Committee, Councillor Tom Davey.

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