Update from Martin Lewis on £10,000 scheme to spend on property - expert advice

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MARTIN LEWIS is the money-saving expert who is full of tips to help Britons make their money go further. Tonight, he explained how to get thousands of pounds worth of vouchers with the Green House Grant.

Martin Lewis offered advice on the government grant for green houses. Speaking at Martin Lewis Money Show: Live, he revealed what the scheme is and whether it's worth it.

Vouchers will cover at least two-thirds of the cost, which is up to 5,000 pounds per household.

Low-income households could even reach 10,000 pounds.

Martin said: "It gives you a grant for labor equipment and VAT with up to 5,000 pounds of free money, you don't have to return it. If you do something that costs 7,500 pounds, you will pay 2,500 pounds and the government will give you 5,000 pounds.

How can you use the grant?

Primary improvements

The expert explained: "The first ones are the main improvements and at least one of them must be achieved. This should be new or a supplement to what you already have; it can't be a replacement for what you already have.

Secondary improvements

Those who sign up for a primary upgrade can also get a secondary upgrade, Martin said.

He said: "If you get and qualify for one of these, then you can get up to the same amount for a secondary upgrade. It's the one most people talk about with windows and doors.

Secondary enhancements include draft, double, or triple glazing tests to replace controls and insulation for single glazing or heating.

Is it worth it?

Whether the plan is advantageous will depend on individual circumstances.

One viewer asked: "I want to have double glazing installed and that's a secondary measure. For my primary measurements, I could get a supplement on loft insulation, but I'm not so interested in getting it. Is it worth it?

The expert explained that enrolling in the plan is not always worth your time.

Martin said: "Now, if the price of double glazing was exactly the same thanks to this scheme as elsewhere, then it is worth getting loft insulation.

"Even if you don't really want that much, it would be cheaper if you go through the diet.

"If the price of this plan is more expensive than getting it directly, it may not be worth it. So it all depends.  If it's like, going through this regime is essentially the answer.



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