What is conveyancing?

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Along with being an important and exciting milestone in a person's life, buying and selling a house can also be a stressful time. At Forbes Solicitors, our aim is to eliminate the stress and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for you.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another, and a conveyancer acts on behalf of the buyer to ensure that they receive all of the deeds to the property. In short; conveyancing is the umbrella term for all of the legal and administrative work that is required to ensure that a house purchase is legally valid.

What does a conveyancing solicitor do?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you will need to find an experienced lawyer to take care of the conveyancing side of things, which ensures that the house legally moves from seller to buyer.

This will include:

  • Obtaining the title deeds and guide you when filling in all of the necessary questionnaires
  • Preparing and distributing a contract for sale
  • Requesting a settlement figure for your mortgage
  • Acting on your behalf and liaising with the relevant parties in order to negotiate a moving date
  • Acting as the recipient of the house deposit
  • Organising the final accounts and preparing a final settlement
  • Approving the deed of transfer
  • Paying off the remainder of the mortgage
  • Handing over the property deeds

Your specialist conveyancing solicitor will guide you through the process, giving you practical legal advice and ensuring that you are kept updated with all developments.

Our reputation as leaders in conveyancing law precedes us, demonstrated by the significant number of clients who return to us and recommend our conveyancing service to others. Our team of conveyancing solicitors are committed to ensuring the sale or purchase of a house goes through as smoothly as possible, as well as keeping you informed of any developments along with your rights along the way.

What is the conveyancing process?

 One of the first and most vital things that your conveyancing solicitor will do, is conduct the necessary searches, (alongside organisations such as local authorities and utility companies) to ensure that there are no overriding issues with the property you are looking to buy. This can include:

  • Ensuring that there are no building plans in place that will affect you if you were to buy the property, for example; fracking or prison developments.
  • Checking that there are no sewers running close to the property
  • Checking whether the area is categorised as a flood risk or not
  • Ensuring that the property doesn't have any financial liabilities hanging over it from previous owners

Your conveyancing solicitor will also handle all of the related issues that come with buying a new home. These will include:

  • Reviewing the contracts drawn up by the seller's solicitor that contain all of the important details including the sale price and the property boundaries
  • Liaising your mortgage lender to ensure all of the legal requirements are met in order to process
  • Checking for any costs that may be incurred, such as stamp duty and land transaction tax

Your conveyancer will also pay all the related fees on your behalf and register you as the new owners of the property with the Land Registry.

How to find a good conveyancing solicitor


When buying, selling or re-mortgaging a property, missing even the smallest of details can prove to be a costly mistake. That is why it is essential that you put your conveyancing in the hands of a law firm that can offer you a comprehensive service without cutting corners. At Forbes Solicitors, our expert team offer fixed price conveyancing fees and can take care of every aspect relating to your home. We are also a member of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) which ensures a standard of excellence when we deal with both buyers and sellers.

At Forbes our "complete" conveyancing service includes:

  • Direct contact with a qualified, expert conveyancer
  • Property Plan
  • Land Registry search
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Local Search*
  • Drainage Search*
  • Coal Mining Search*
  • Chancel Insurance*
  • Environmental search*
  • Land Registry registration fee
  • Telegraphic transfer fee

*If applicable to the home you are buying

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