Part L Building Regulations

The Building Regulations is a set of rules covering buildings and construction of buildings. They are a legal requirement, covering areas such as architecture and implimentation. The aims of Part L Building Regulations Part L contains guidelines relating to the preservation of fuel and energy. The act aims to limit fuel and energy usage where possible. Including, heat gains or loss, and... Carry on Reading

Open Fireplace

open fireplace: interior home Fireplaces are the most popular amenities that most buyers consider and more in looking for a new home.  These facilities offer an extra touch of architectural vitality, both indoors and outdoors.  There are many great benefits of having a fireplace in your home, seven of which are: With the introduction of central heating, there has been a tendency to close chimneys and install... Carry on Reading

Radiator Not Working

There can be different causes which contribute to a radiator not working as expected. With some guidance, a homeowner may be able to resolve some of the problems. A series of logical checks set out in this guide can help determine the cause. Once, the home owner determines the cause, they can then work on fixing the issue. Step 1: Check all the radiators in your home or property First,... Carry on Reading

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Part 1 Architectural Assistant: Architecture stationary There are many different options that you can consider if you want to train as an architect. Although the normal way is to complete a five-year study at a university and have at least two years of practical experience, it can also be studied part-time; Study through the RIBA study or through the new learning path while working on an architectural practice. The term "nchitect" is... Carry on Reading