Is Now The Right Time To Invest In A Property

Those looking for a property have been able to since May 13th. Tenants viewing properties are now looking for something more than before. We have tried to answer some of the most important questions in the minds of potential home buyers. Nationwide research suggests that UK has seen the biggest drop in house prices for a decade. Most lenders, estates agents and experts are expecting a... Carry on Reading

Sold STC Meaning

Sold STC Meaning: Luxury Property Sold subject to contract (sold STC), is when a seller has verbally accepted a buyer offer but a contract is yet to be formed. In this situation, there is no legal contract, so the agreement isn’t yet a legal contract. If the seller received a verbal offer which they then consider the seller will display sold STC. The seller may keep the sign up letting other potential buyers that the property is... Carry on Reading

Let to Buy Mortgage

let to buy mortgage: home front door Let to buy mortgages can also help you buy your next home and rent your old home, for example, if you want to redesign an existing main residence as a purchase to leave the property and buy a new residential property. Essentially, it's about having two mortgages at the same time. You turn your existing mortgage into a buy-to-option mortgage so you can skip your current home, and then take... Carry on Reading

Memorandum of Sale

Memorandum of Sale: signed agreement When buying or selling a home, you may have found the term "sell morandum," but are not familiar with what it is or why it matters. If you are a potential buyer who wants to take a mortgage, or if you are a seller who wants to see your home in a very volum, you need to get a sales memorandum. What is a sales memorandum? In other words, a sales memorandum is a document on the... Carry on Reading

Garages For Sale

Investing in a garage is a good way to get started with property investment. Buying a garage does not require as much investment as other premesis or other areas where you may invest. As it requires less investment, it has less financial risk but gives experience which can be beneficial when investing in higher value premesis. If you invest in a garage, you can rent it out for additional storage... Carry on Reading

Shop for Sale

A shop for sale isn't always the first thing to think of when investing in a property or real estate. There is a wide range of outlets, from street shops and country shops to department stores and supermarkets. And they are an important part of the UK's global commercial real estate industry. It is an industry that can be full of long hours and lots of difficult work. You’re going to... Carry on Reading

Online Business for Sale

online business for sale: entrepreneur at work In 2019, online sales amounted to almost $3trillion. With estimations that the current online economy is approaching $5trillion in yearly sales. This could be why so many entrepreneurs seek to join online business. Along with the hopes of having a flesible business lifestyle. The ability to work the hours they chose without having to be in a physical store. Allowing the business owner to conduct... Carry on Reading

Property Income Allowance

There are two legislation that mentions trading allowance and property income allowance. These legislation are the Finance Act 2017 and Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 (ITTOIA 2005). 2017/2018 was the first official tax period for property owners to make a claim. It appears to be more surprising in today's expanding property investment market that despite the Act in place, property... Carry on Reading

Modern Method of Auction

Even though it is refered to a modern, the modern auction dates back upto decades.It has been around for a while but recently become more popular due to the benefits. Modern auction methods are considerably beneficial compared to traditional methods. Because of these benefits, modern auctions are now becoming a favourite for property buyers. Modern real estate auctions are conducted online... Carry on Reading