Clive Smith
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Hi I am a sole trader running two separate businesses.

Combined they have a turnover of over £80,000.

Do I have to be VAT registered or can I register one of them as LTD company and run the other as a sole trader and treat them as two separate entities?


Stan V
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I have been running a small decorating company for a long while and usually generate revenue in the £10,000s each month.
I've just been approached by a client and they want to offer a large project, more than all the work I get from all my clients at the moment but they only want to put a deposit to start and pay the rest on completion. As I usually deal with smaller clients I usually receive all or the majority of the payment upfront.

Olvia-Grace Wilde
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I am looking to get an investment for a social media profile, not a new social media platform.

A few months ago I set up a new social media profile and within just these months I'm already at revenue in the £000s.

I have been working on a way to develop this further, Is it feasible to approach an investor? Would there be anybody that would invest in a social media account?

Lawrence Oakley
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Before he died, a father said to his son; “Here is a watch that your grandfather gave me. It is almost 200 years old. Before I give it to you, go to the jewelry store downtown. Tell them that I want to sell it, and see how much they offer you."

The son went to the jewelry story, came back to his father, and said; "They offered $150.00 because it's so old."

The father said; “Go to the pawn shop."

The son went to the pawn shop, came back to his father, and said; "The pawn shop offered $10.00 because it looks so worn."