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Ifrah Olsten
Finance, General


Made quite a lot of train journeys because of work.

Have kept the tickets.

Can I claim back the VAT

Dominick Rigby
Finance, General

I’m a qualified/experience joiner and work my day job for a construction company. In my spare time I sell furniture online.
I had a custom order, they wanted some wood cut to a specific size. We agreed and they paid through paypal.
I dropped the wood off to a drop off point which I thought was their office or something but could just be a collection point.

Aleena Read
Property developers, Finance, General

Just before lockdown I agreed with a client to produce some floor plans.
This meant surveying the site, taking measurements and creating a digital floor plan which I would send to them.
I attended the site before lockdown but because of restrictions couldn’t complete measurements of all areas.
We agreed that I would return at a later point to finish measurements. Then lockdown happened and I have not been able to return to site.

Emmie Caldwell
Finance, General

Hi, just before lockdown I registered a business with companies house.
I had an appointment with a bank to open a business account but because of lockdown I never went. I was going to apply online but wanted to go in to ask for some advice.

Aliesha Finch
Landlords, Insurance, General

I have recently been looking at a 5000 square foot storage. It will be used primarily to store stock.
Most of the stock will likely be labelled onsite and left at the collection point usually by myself but also might be on occasions somebody else. There will be no other works going on. Only loading and unloading stock and on occasions labelling the products.
The landlord has valued the building at £800,000, or so. However I think this is the building/infrastructure and not contents/stock.

Archie Williams
Finance, General

Hi all.
Ill try to keep it short.
I am self-employed. A few months ago I was involved in a road traffic incident where the other party accepted total responsibility in writing. During the following days I was unable to work, however subcontracted the work which could be, again I have this in writing.