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William Kent
Real Estate, General

Online event. Last Thursday of every month.
I have 17 years experience in real estate and have been hosting property events for 3 years.
I'll be hosting an online webinar/networking event the last Thursday of every month.
The event includes a short introduction in to successful property investment, followed by a break out session where you can network with other property professionals.
My events are usually aimed at those based in the UK looking to invest in the UK but normally get participants from all over the world.

David York
Real Estate, Real estate investors, General


I had found a derelict property in the midlands and worked hard for several months to find and investor.

I was going to refurbish the property and let it out. The investor was going to partially fund for a high share amount.

The property I had done all the work for has fallen through. I can no longer go ahead with the current property.

However, the investor is still on board if I can get another property, ideally in the midlands.

Amy H
Real Estate, General

A family ran company has several small BNBs, we have been running them quite well.
We are looking to expand and feel if we do not do it now it could be years before we get another opportunity.
We are looking for at least 1 or 2 partners to come on board to help with the expansion.
We have an exisiting brand, customer base, reputation and suppliers.
What we want is a strong person or team who can help to increase our BNBs across the region.

Peter Baker
Real Estate, Real estate investors, General

Looking to buy my first investment property.
Was planning to start earlier this year but had problems due to social distancing.
Now looking to get started the begining of next year.
Have funds in place, ideally somewhere in Midlands or South England.
Open for suggestions.
Please contact me if you want to discuss.

Frances Crosby
Property developers, Real estate investors

A few years back me and a business partner bought a property with the intention of renovating and doing what we can to get started in property development and make a profit.

Years have gone and we have started to go our seperate ways.

I bought all ownership of the property but it's not something I'm interested in anymore.

I'm looking more for a quicksell, as I am moving on and away from property.

The property is structurally sound, but will need minor refurb/decorating.

Let me know and I can send more details.




Simon Coldicott
Property developers, Real estate investors

I am looking for a developer to build two flats and work on a house extension. The property is located in West Sussex and one of them does not require planning permission.
I would like to see the house extension project completion before Christmas. Therefore, I would very much appreciate if someone can recommend a good developer who can efficiently and flexibly start working on it as soon as possible—many thanks.

Clive Smith
Property developers, Real estate investors, General


I have some inheritence which I would like to invest.

I ideally would like to buy some land and develop a property to leaseout.  I have studied and worked in hospitality so might be interested in developing a property I could then run as a business for a short while.

Another option is to by a derelict or void to refurbish.


I have already spoken to a solicitor and ready to go but have little experience so interested in hearing from or partnering with anyone similar. Who has more experience in the matter.

Roger Mcghee
Property developers, Real estate investors, General

I am currently investing in BTL properties and looking to work with someone jointly. Now, looking for a portfolio available off the market in the Liverpool area.

Cash purchase, ideally, adds value and maximise GDV.

Five houses
Price 470K
Yield 12%
GDV 604K
Gross rent PA 58K
ROI 55%
No stamp duty, purchase the SPV.

Would anyone like to join me for this investment?

Maggie Leigh
Architects, General, HR

How much does an architect usualy get paid or what is a typical architects salary in uk?

I have just read an article on an Architects websites saying that about a third of those studying architecture and around 20% qualified architects had faced stress or anxiety, mostly related to debt or income. The website then goes on to state that a majority of architects surveyed had either considered or applied for payday loans, I'm not sure what they consider to be a majority.

Miley O'Gallagher
Property developers, General

I’m about to set up shop in the hospitality sector and looking for a designer/developer to design my outlet.
I had been the owner/manager of a small bar for 2 years, at the end of last year I had put in an offer at a new location opening my second bar. This was shortly after called off.
I have recently been granted a load so as soon as allowed I will be opening my second bar.

Tomas Prince
Landlords, General, Family business owners

I have my own restaurant and would like to connect with others in this sector.
I have furloughed my staff, and temporarily closed up. I did consider deliveries at the start of lockdown but did not have the measures in place to maintain social distance in my kitchen and also was struggling to get a high level of orders.
Just wondering how others are coping in the same situation and what you are planning next.

Kaeden Galindo
Real Estate, Technology, General

Looking for someone or an agency who can manage our display stands/units at upcoming exhibitions.
We have recently had manufactured our product and had planned on attending several exhibtions during this summer, however in February this was called off due to concerns relating to Covid-19.
We have temporarily delayed launching our product but with recent relaxations on lockdown rules we may be looking at demonstrating our product at several major exhibitions during October/November for Christmas sales.

Pierce Hopper
Real Estate

Looking for somebody who has experience in Autocad and knowledge of photoshop to help with the interior decorations and fixtures of a few small properties.
I am working for a small company in the hospitality sector we are in the process of redeveloping a few properties the structure will remain as it is but the interiors of all properties will need to be refurbished.
It would be good if you could travel to the sites on rare occasions when needed, however given the current situations we may be able to send a video of the current interior if needed.

Roger Mcghee
Architects, Property developers, General

Hi, I am new to importing so would like some advice on whether or not I should be buying my equipment internationally and what I should be looking out for.
At the start of the year we was set to fit out our new facilities. It’s just a shell at the moment.
We got some quotes on fitting new equipment throughout the premises, supply and installation.

Aleena Read
Property developers, Finance, General

Just before lockdown I agreed with a client to produce some floor plans.
This meant surveying the site, taking measurements and creating a digital floor plan which I would send to them.
I attended the site before lockdown but because of restrictions couldn’t complete measurements of all areas.
We agreed that I would return at a later point to finish measurements. Then lockdown happened and I have not been able to return to site.

Oscar Jordan
Real Estate, General, Career Coach

My friend recommended this website to me.
I work in construction and looking to connect with anybody who is in the property development sector.
For now I am looking to continue working my current day job but in the future would like to have my own business in the property development industry so looking to get insights or just have discussions with people who can relate.


Trent Shelton
Real Estate, General

I recently completed a course using CAD. I have used software throughout school as I had a friend who managed to get some software. So found the course really natural and I don’t have any problems using cad to produce building simulations, plans etc.
But now what do I do.
I don’t really have much professional experience. I did 1 week work experience whilst at school for a construction company but only briefly had any exposure to CAD. I have a portfolio but it’s just for personal projects, nothing professional.

Aliesha Finch
Landlords, Insurance, General

I have recently been looking at a 5000 square foot storage. It will be used primarily to store stock.
Most of the stock will likely be labelled onsite and left at the collection point usually by myself but also might be on occasions somebody else. There will be no other works going on. Only loading and unloading stock and on occasions labelling the products.
The landlord has valued the building at £800,000, or so. However I think this is the building/infrastructure and not contents/stock.

Joseph Hawes
Property developers, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Advertising, Marketing & PR

Hello all

Terry Pitt
Architects, Technology Software, General

Hi. I run a small property surveying company.
We had an application developed in-house to help when carrying out the surveys. Some of our clients have contacted us about licensing/buying the app so they can edit the surveys we send to them.
I am UK registered, the app has been developed in English, however I believe some of the companies have staff throughout Europe who will likely be using the software.

Andy Timms
Real Estate, General, Advertising, Marketing & PR

Using websites like Checkatrade or Book a Builder for B2B?
Has anybody experience of using such website for B2B or commercial work. I feel as through they are more geared towards consumers, household, or general handymen workers.
I have a property development company and not sure if it is worth looking for customers on these websites.

Daniel Reeves
Landlords, Real estate investors, Technology

Will we ever see a point in time when more people are working from home?
Given the circumstances its difficult to see a point where as many people will be working from home as they are currently.
There’s plenty of sources saying working that they are impressed by the results and found working from home more beneficial than previously thought.

Ifrah Olsten
Architects, Property developers, General

I am looking to work part time.

I am designer with experience of designing both commercially and residential. My skills include, researching, drawing, modeling and producing scale prototypes. I also have experience in interior design and anesthetics.

I am ready to show my portfolio.

Look forward to your responses.

Jazmine Farmer

I am currently a student and will be starting University next year. I am passionate about sustainability with architecture with a focus on timber construction. I have experience in drawings and assembling, and understand that modelling is a major aspect of the course I will be taking. Personally I enjoy the outdoors, and like the idea of natural habitation and buildings within natural environments like in forestry.

I hope to find similarly passionate people here that I can interact with and learn from.