Self employed, claiming loss of earnings form insurer.

Archie Williams

Hi all.
Ill try to keep it short.
I am self-employed. A few months ago I was involved in a road traffic incident where the other party accepted total responsibility in writing. During the following days I was unable to work, however subcontracted the work which could be, again I have this in writing.
The third parties insurer say they will pay for the additional loss of earnings however, they have asked for the full previous years earnings and will average it out based on that, which I don’t think is fair as last year I had equipment expenses which are no longer applicable, also there was periods where I could not work due to personal issues again this should not be included. The insurance company should be basing the loss of earning on what a working day would have been not an average including none working days.
Am I entitled to the correct amount of pay?


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