Cheap Quick Sale!

Adam Appleby

I have a three-bedroom freehold house in Horley and would like to sell before Christmas. The market price is 350k but can offer a slightly lower cost to the serious buyer. If interested, please contact me.

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Christina Ellis
Real Estate, General

Can someone in the brokers' team help me to get valued and sell my 2 bedroom house a with a massive piece of land at the back of the house that can build another two bedrooms on it?

Joe Perriani
Real Estate, Real estate investors, General

I have to move back to Italy to look after my father from April next year. I am looking to offer my two bedroom bungalow for rent to rent use. I want 8% return per annum with security and references. You can contact the admin of the website for more details or to leave me a message.

Lei Anderson
Real estate investors, General, Entrepreneurs
  • New shopping mall opening 2022 in major UK city.
  • 60 units ranging in size from 1400 sq ft to 4000 sq ft.
  • £9mil yearly income at full capacity.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Have 50% funding seeking further investors.
  • Please get in contact.