Investor looking for opportunities in Birmingham/Midlands

Clive Smith


I have some inheritence which I would like to invest.

I ideally would like to buy some land and develop a property to leaseout.  I have studied and worked in hospitality so might be interested in developing a property I could then run as a business for a short while.

Another option is to by a derelict or void to refurbish.


I have already spoken to a solicitor and ready to go but have little experience so interested in hearing from or partnering with anyone similar. Who has more experience in the matter.

I can't really do any labour work but am able to do admin, planning, etc. So will looking mostly just to invest but would need some guarantee on return.




Sorry if this sounds rude. You come across as somebody will little experience. As a partner I think you would struggle to make a contirubution and your partner/s would end up doing most of the work. More like mentoring you than being your partner. As an investor you should probably do some more research and formulate a clear plan, it all sounds a bit wooly and you'll either lose a lot in your investment down to bad planning, or because some contractors over charged you. If your set on property investment, you should probably start smaller and work your way up.

Do you have any experience at all, and it depends on what sort of budget you have?

I think you are trying to do to much at once. What you asking can be broken down in to 3 or 4 sub areas.

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William Kent
Real Estate, General

Online event. Last Thursday of every month.
I have 17 years experience in real estate and have been hosting property events for 3 years.
I'll be hosting an online webinar/networking event the last Thursday of every month.
The event includes a short introduction in to successful property investment, followed by a break out session where you can network with other property professionals.
My events are usually aimed at those based in the UK looking to invest in the UK but normally get participants from all over the world.

David York
Real Estate, Real estate investors, General


I had found a derelict property in the midlands and worked hard for several months to find and investor.

I was going to refurbish the property and let it out. The investor was going to partially fund for a high share amount.

The property I had done all the work for has fallen through. I can no longer go ahead with the current property.

However, the investor is still on board if I can get another property, ideally in the midlands.

Amy H
Real Estate, General

A family ran company has several small BNBs, we have been running them quite well.
We are looking to expand and feel if we do not do it now it could be years before we get another opportunity.
We are looking for at least 1 or 2 partners to come on board to help with the expansion.
We have an exisiting brand, customer base, reputation and suppliers.
What we want is a strong person or team who can help to increase our BNBs across the region.