Looking for partners for BTL properties in Liverpool

Roger Mcghee

I am currently investing in BTL properties and looking to work with someone jointly. Now, looking for a portfolio available off the market in the Liverpool area.

Cash purchase, ideally, adds value and maximise GDV.

Five houses
Price 470K
Yield 12%
GDV 604K
Gross rent PA 58K
ROI 55%
No stamp duty, purchase the SPV.

Would anyone like to join me for this investment?


Hi Roger. Can you clarify. The description, is this a current offer which you are interested in purchasing and looking for a joint partner? Or do you own the above and looking to sell a share?

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William Kent
Real Estate, General

Online event. Last Thursday of every month.
I have 17 years experience in real estate and have been hosting property events for 3 years.
I'll be hosting an online webinar/networking event the last Thursday of every month.
The event includes a short introduction in to successful property investment, followed by a break out session where you can network with other property professionals.
My events are usually aimed at those based in the UK looking to invest in the UK but normally get participants from all over the world.

David York
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I had found a derelict property in the midlands and worked hard for several months to find and investor.

I was going to refurbish the property and let it out. The investor was going to partially fund for a high share amount.

The property I had done all the work for has fallen through. I can no longer go ahead with the current property.

However, the investor is still on board if I can get another property, ideally in the midlands.

Amy H
Real Estate, General

A family ran company has several small BNBs, we have been running them quite well.
We are looking to expand and feel if we do not do it now it could be years before we get another opportunity.
We are looking for at least 1 or 2 partners to come on board to help with the expansion.
We have an exisiting brand, customer base, reputation and suppliers.
What we want is a strong person or team who can help to increase our BNBs across the region.