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To get a council house each council will have their own criteria. Typically, You aren't guaranteed when you will exactly get a property. You will join a waiting list, the time to get a council house will be different for each council. The best way to find out how long you will likely have to wait for a counci house is to ask your local housing representive. You are able to apply for a council house if you are 18 years old. In some circumstances you can apply at a younger age. If you do not currently live in the area you are still able to request a council house. Waiting Lists for Council Houses. Councils will decide who to offer a council house to based on a point system. The applicant will be put in to a category band based on their needs. The council will look through your conditions, such as current housing, is it adequate enough bases on your conditions or requirements. Such as, health conditions. The council will put you in a category based on your criteria, when you are at the top of the list you will be contacted by your council. Your representive will let you know that a property is available. Each council will have its own criteria, you should contact your local council. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the council will be able to provide a council house. You are able to apply for a council house through the council or sometimes the housing authority. The council will assess your application. If the accept you they will add you to a waiting list. The council will prioritise who to give a council house to first based on their needs. You may apply for a house which belongs to you local council or through the local housing association. In some situations the local council will advise you to apply through the housing association. You may apply to different housing associations and councils. If your current housing association or local council has a long waiting list you can apply in other locations. You will be on multiple waiting lists which will increase the liklihood of you receiving a council house. Each council and housing association will be different. Typically to be accepted you will need to be on low income, or have little income available. You will also liekly need to have lived locally for a long period or have a reason to want to move. Such as having family in that area. Not all associations or councils require you to have a reason to move to that location. If you are looking to apply for a council house in a different area, you should confirm with that association if you are elligible. Who is entitled to apply for a council house? All coucnils and housing association have a waiting list for people who have applied for a councile house. There is different criteria for British and Irish citizens other EU citizens People from outside the EU You will be more likely to be offered a council house if you have been put as a priority. Some reasons for being a priority could be: being homeless or having no accomodation. The council should help you if you currently have no accomodation. Another reason could be if your current situation is affecting your long term health. Of if you are in danger in your current accomodation, such as being a victim of violence, or domestic abuse, or if you on a witness protection programme. You will likely need to wait a while before you get an offer. Even if you have a priority concern. If the council if overwhelmed then you will need to wait for an availability. You can ask your local association or council how long your application will take and how long it will take for you to receive a council house. Your likliness of receiving a council house will depends on how many houses are available and your suitability to the properties available. Receiving an offer After receiving an offer you will need to respond quickly. Normally, councils will give a very strict deadline on how long you have to accept an offer. Councils have a limited number of houses and will have many other applicants. If you do not accept they will be looking at offering the house to another applicant. If you do not respond in a timely manner they will pass the house on, and you will have to wait for another available house. If you keep declining offers or if they find you ar enot responding that may remove you from the waiting list.